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The Chot Zone Newsletter Aug/Sept. 2022

August/September 2022


 The Chot Zone Newsletter

In this issue:

·  What’s new with the Chot Zone Fitness Studio?

·  What does the Chot Zone offer?

·  Who does the Chot Zone serve?

·  The Chot Zone recipes.

·  Coming Soon!!


What’s new withThe Chot Zone Fitness Studio?

The Chot Zone is now located at 952 Winchester Rd., suite 5. in Studio B. We are housed with WFFC-DB internet radio, known as F&F Communications. Here you can come and get your praise on and get the weight off all at the same time. For more information call 859-270-7468, e-mail me at, or on Facebook @thechotzone or on the web at

What Does the Chot Zone Offer?

The Chot Zone offers one-on-one personal training as well as virtual training. We also specialize in Exercise Therapy upon the release of your physical therapist. The Chot Zone will also hold group fitness classes, Zumba, boot camps, fitness camps and nutrition classes upon request with a group of 6 or more.

Who Does the Chot Zone Serve?

The Chot Zone serves anyone who is ready to make a lifestyle change. I also serve anyone who may have a specific injury or condition in which your doctor has suggested you see a personal trainer. As a trainer, I work with all kids of people and specialize in Exercise Therapy, which allows me to work with special needs clients.


The Chot Zone Recipes.  Visit: and look at my recipes tab.


5 STAR Reviews


 Tina Winn  recommends The  Chot Zone.Jan 30, 2021.

I have had an amazing experience with The Chot Zone. I had a really hard time with my weight fluctuating. She helped and encouraged me to get to the weight that I was comfortable with. I give her 5 stars.  She is amazing, very patient and kind.

Yvonne Black recommends The Chot Zone 1 year ago.

She says..The Chot zone is a very welcoming place to train. Cholottie Fields, owner, is completely invested in your success. She takes a personal interest in you and your goals then she works along side you to see that you  accomplish them.  She’s knowledgeable and well able to tackle every aspect of fitness training.  Very patient and judgement free. She follows all CDC recommendations and will try to schedule you at your convenience. She goes above and beyond by offering recipes, daily inspirational verses and scriptures, information on topics that pertain to wellness.  I highly recommend The Chot Zone for all your fitness and training needs

Barbara Davis recommends The Chot Zone Jan 30, 2021.

I highly recommend The Chot Zone. Cholottie Fields is very knowledgeable in fitness.  She has helped me in the past and currently helping me rehab my knee after surgery. We are able  to social distance during our sessions. The environment is always clean and  inviting. I love that Cholottie realizes that each individual should have their own personalized exercise regimen. She’s very patient, kind and understanding. Cholottie will not give up on you! I appreciate all she does!

Karen Best recommends The Chot Zone. Jan 30, 2021.

Training designed for you. Challenging exercise done with correct posture. Time and money well worth the benefits.

Ffc Lex Live recommends The Chot Zone Jan 30, 2021

What I love about The Chot Zone is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. Chot  takes pride in what she does. Better yet she takes pride in you as well. I recommend The Chot Zone to everyone.


Coming Soon!!

· 30 minute circuit with Chot

· Instructional videos and much, much more!!

I love you to life,