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What Does an Exercise Therapy Specialist Do?


DATE: 2021-05-04T00:00:00-04:00

It's currently estimated that more than 45 percent of Americans have at least one chronic health condition. These include things like heart disease, high blood pressure, or being overweight or obese. A common risk factor for most chronic conditions? A lack of physical activity.

Many people are inactive or far less active than they should be to achieve and maintain optimal health. In some cases, this is because they are physically unable to perform exercise. In other cases, people may be too ill or have an injury that prevents activity. Regardless of why, there are ways to break the cycle and improve physical condition and longevity.

Exercise is Medicine

There is a growing movement to include fitness as a regular part of healthcare. Exercise Is Medicine calls for physicians and healthcare providers to evaluate the physical health of patients, prescribe exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, refer patients to community resources, and help to follow up with their progress in fitness. Why is this important? Because regular exercise has been found to improve quality of life, reduce the risk of chronic disease, and make people healthier! When paired with traditional medicine, patients are more likely to improve their health and add years back to their lives.

Think of it this way, orthodox or traditional healthcare is designed to treat or control conditions and rehabilitate people. Alternative medicine like chiropractic care can also help prevent chronic conditions and pain. But exercise and naturopathic care can prevent, treat and control, rehabilitate, restore function, and prevent the recurrence of chronic health issues! Exercise is powerful. Exercise is medicine!

General Health

Exercise therapists keep people healthy. They can work with a client's medical team to implement exercise protocols to reduce or prevent chronic health conditions and keep people moving well.

Chronic Conditions

People with health issues (and there are a lot of them) can see an exercise therapist to implement recommendations that are unique for their condition and health status. Many clients with chronic conditions will have limitations and an Exercise Therapist is well versed in indications and contraindications. Clients will see progress without the risk of getting hurt.

Injury and Rehabilitation

Both athletes and non-athletes get hurt. Sometimes it's something as simple as tripping in the bathroom. Like a physical therapist, an Exercise Therapist can help clients rehabilitate through injuries to restore their normal functions....and most likely improve them! Exercise therapy aims to prevent recurrence of injury by helping people come back stronger after an injury.

Did you know that low back pain and knee pain are the two most common orthopedic pain conditions people experience? Learn more about low back pain and how to get relief in this informative ISSA blog: Exercises For Low Back Pain—Help Clients Get Relief



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The Chot Zone now offers Exercise Therapy for Post Physical Therapy Clients!!!


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